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Playgroup Birthday Party Ideas

Kids of age between three and five may have already begun socializing and hence, they may expect their parents to host a party on occasions like their birthdays, etc. If you re planning a playgroup birthday party, you may find the following ideas useful.

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1. Though your small kid may socialize with other children in their playgroups in Singapore, she may have some preferred friends with whom she is comfortable. Ensure to invite those friends for the party.

2. Though the child may like these preferred friends, she may be possessive about her toys. So, keep her favorite toys safely and out of reach of other children.

3. You can opt for hand-made invitations for the birthday party because your kid may enjoy this fun activity. You can be as creative as possible while making these invitations but at the same time, ensure that the invitations you make are to the liking of your kid.

4. Timing is important in organizing the birthday party for your kid. If you choose afternoon hours, you must check if it is siesta time for some children. Likewise, some of the children may be away at school. Therefore, fix a time that is suitable for all the children in the playgroup. If you choose week ends, all the preferred friends of your kid may attend the party and make it great fun.

5. There should be enough number of fun activities and games in the party. The purpose of organizing this party is to make sure that children have great enjoyment during the event. You should therefore choose such entertaining activities.

6. Venue where the party is held is also important because every invitee should easily access the place. If you host the party at your home itself, there is no worry because every member of the playgroup may know where you live. But if there is no sufficient space in your home, you may have to choose a suitable venue that is easily accessible.

7. You should carefully choose the foods for the party. The items you choose should not only be tasty but should be nutritious as well. You must do sufficient research, discuss with your kid also and choose suitable foods.

8. Nowadays, theme parties are a rage and so, you can choose a fun theme for the birthday party of your kid. Again, you must discuss with your kid and spouse for deciding on the theme. You must convey the theme of the party to the invitees so they come prepared.

9. You must choose appropriate presents for the party. The presents should go well with the theme you have chosen.

These ideas will get you appreciation from every member of your playgroup in Singapore.

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Cool Behavioral Games for Your Preschooler

Are you out of patience while continuously telling your kid how to do the proper things? Your child is not only getting extremely irritated with you, but may even start defying you very soon. It is recommended that you stop those lectures and use some fun and creative ways for teaching him qualities such as patience, compassion, responsibility and honesty. This way, your preschooler will learn the good things at an early age without being annoyed at you.

Check out these cool and super-fun games for your preschooler so that he finds them handy even while attending one of the best preschools in Singapore.

Building a train

How can you play it? You have to get some cardboard boxes that are spacious enough for your child to sit inside. Take out different types of art supplies such as glue, stickers, markers and construction paper and tell each of the kids to convert his box into a rail compartment. After they have finished decorating the boxes outside with windows wheels etc, assist them so that all these cars can be placed one after the other. Then instruct them to jump in as if they would be enjoying a choo-choo ride.

What does the game teach? It will teach your kid about perseverance. Games like this that require team work will give your kids a feel of accomplishment. The game will introduce your kids a feel of achievement when they have reached their goals.

Tips for the parent: Be ready for hanging on to these boxes as the children would all want to get together so that they can heat thee track repeatedly.

Hot or Cold Game

How can you play it? Select one of the kids in the role of a ‘Finder’. Now tell him to move out of the room and ask all the other kids to hide an item like a small ball within the room. Ask your little ‘Finder’ to get inside the room and search the hidden ball. The other players meanwhile can give him hints by shouting. They might use phrases like “you are becoming colder” or “you are becoming hotter”. Continue plating till the hidden object can be tracked. Now ask another kid to act as a ‘Finder’ till everyone gets a chance of being a ‘Finder’.

What does the game teach? The game teaches the kids that they should cooperate with each other. The aim is to encourage the other player and not to be rivals. Thus your preschooler can learn how to help their friends in a fun way.

Tips for the parent: You can suggest the children to speak softer or louder based on how far or close a ‘Finder’ is from that hidden object.

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All You Need to Know About Helicopter Parenting – Tips to Avoid it

People that have not been parents till now will not know the stress and joy of worrying about children and pride at their achievements. Rules of parenting has changed drastically over the years and children today do not have the freedom to play and stay out for long hours like their parents did just a couple of decades ago. This need to keep constant tabs on children and their friends has turned parents into helicopters that constantly hover around and watch their children’s movements.

This anxiety about safety and well-being of their children has turned some parents into neurotic individuals that try every means to keep their little ones safe from every kind of harm, pain and discomfort. But in this anxiety parents forget an essential lesson about childcare in Singapore that insists on giving freedom to children so that they learn from personal experience instead of relying on others’ experiences. Whether you are a helicopter parent or hyper anxious enough to become one soon it is time to follow these tips that will help you relax and find something better to do.

Limit yourself to reminders

If you are in the habit of micromanaging every activity of your child and keep reminding them several times about tasks they have to do on a regular basis then it is time to stop the practice immediately. Just give them one reminder and stop with that so that they learn the importance of your reminders.

Stop blaming yourself for kids’ failures

Remember that you are the child’s closest well-wisher and after a certain age when it stops responding to reminders and advice then it is best to stop taking responsibility for its failures. When the child is about to take important decisions in life then voice your views and let them know how it could affect their life. Few parents can accept their children making the same mistakes that they did and start blaming themselves and everyone else.

Help children develop skills through experience

Though parents feel uncomfortable when children are going through physical or emotional pain that could have been caused by them or someone else they have to accept that the most memorable lessons in life are learnt through experience. No parent can be on call at all hours of the day and night for their child so the best way forward would be to equip them with necessary skills that can help them handle challenges in life.