All You Need to Know About Helicopter Parenting – Tips to Avoid it

People that have not been parents till now will not know the stress and joy of worrying about children and pride at their achievements. Rules of parenting has changed drastically over the years and children today do not have the freedom to play and stay out for long hours like their parents did just a couple of decades ago. This need to keep constant tabs on children and their friends has turned parents into helicopters that constantly hover around and watch their children’s movements.

This anxiety about safety and well-being of their children has turned some parents into neurotic individuals that try every means to keep their little ones safe from every kind of harm, pain and discomfort. But in this anxiety parents forget an essential lesson about childcare in Singapore that insists on giving freedom to children so that they learn from personal experience instead of relying on others’ experiences. Whether you are a helicopter parent or hyper anxious enough to become one soon it is time to follow these tips that will help you relax and find something better to do.

Limit yourself to reminders

If you are in the habit of micromanaging every activity of your child and keep reminding them several times about tasks they have to do on a regular basis then it is time to stop the practice immediately. Just give them one reminder and stop with that so that they learn the importance of your reminders.

Stop blaming yourself for kids’ failures

Remember that you are the child’s closest well-wisher and after a certain age when it stops responding to reminders and advice then it is best to stop taking responsibility for its failures. When the child is about to take important decisions in life then voice your views and let them know how it could affect their life. Few parents can accept their children making the same mistakes that they did and start blaming themselves and everyone else.

Help children develop skills through experience

Though parents feel uncomfortable when children are going through physical or emotional pain that could have been caused by them or someone else they have to accept that the most memorable lessons in life are learnt through experience. No parent can be on call at all hours of the day and night for their child so the best way forward would be to equip them with necessary skills that can help them handle challenges in life.