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Is your Little One starting School? How to say Goodbye without the Tears

Starting preschool is often met with a combination of excitement, joy, and sadness. More often than not, the first few days are the toughest because your child is uncertain about the new changes and can become anxious. Your kid would have spent all his or her time so far getting used to the routines and rules of your home and family, so starting something new like preschool can be rather unsettling for your little one. You can expect a lot of heel digging and crying. What you need to do is ease your child’s separation anxiety and help them settle into his or her Singapore preschool. Here’s what you should do.

Remain consistent

When you’re trying to make preschool an important part of your little one’s routine, you will have to remain consistent. It is very unwise for you to remove your child from the classroom just because he or she is upset. Start by regularly going to the preschool in Singapore together and this will help build a great sense of anticipation in your child. Don’t ever make the mistake of sneaking away. This will only make your little one more anxious and afraid. Make sure your goodbyes are short but sweet, and when you pick him or her up after class, make them feel warm and welcome. This makes dropping them off much easier without the tears and tantrums.

Involve the teacher

Singapore preschool teachers are warm, caring people who have plenty of experience with children’s separation anxieties. It’s a good idea to brief the teacher with some information about your child which will help them get along better. Make sure to keep them informed about your little one’s playing, sleeping, eating, and toileting routines. This will greatly help them calm your child down once you’re out of the picture.

Avoid surprise visits

As much as you’d love to, you must resist the urge to go back to the school and check up on your child. Understand that your little one is in good hands and don’t let yourself worry too much. Have confidence in your choice of Singapore preschools and their teachers.

Starting preschool can be a difficult time for your child and you, but there are ways to make the separation much easier. Over time, your child will look forward to going to class and you will no longer have to worry about him or her getting upset anymore.

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Pre Nursery School Teachers Should Not Make These Mistakes

Despite their experiences, some pre-nursery school teachers could make these common mistakes that should be avoided at all costs since they do more harm to the kids.

Mistake 1: Taking the kids on a tour of the entire school

There are some pre-nursery school teachers who believe that they should take the kids around on a school tour on their first day itself since they feel it is a good tradition. These teachers also feel that the kids are going to love the experience. They are of the view that kids should be aware of where all things are and get familiar with the school staff. But, if you think carefully, pre-nursery school kids need not tour the entire school on the first day itself.

While the older children in a school need to get familiar with the entire school since they need to go to the playground, cafeteria or library all by themselves, pre-nursery kids will be accompanied by adult staff wherever they go. So, they can explore these places later on when they have to visit it for the first time. There is no point teaching the kids all the important touch points in the school when they do not even know how to keep quiet or stand in a queue.

Mistake 2: Teaching pre-nursery kids an important theme on the first week

The kids should not be taught any serious topics on their first week in a pre-nursery school. It is rather more important to get them familiar with the procedures. Instead of making some prints, for instance, it is more important that learn how to use colors and then the procedure for cleaning it. They need to know how to hold their scissors, technique for using glue, how to form a queue how to sit quietly in a classroom and interact with other kids in the class, So, when some teachers make the mistake of teaching lessons to kids rather than training them on procedures, they might regret it later.

Mistake 3: Overlook the fact that this is the first learning experience for kids

Some teachers in pre-nursery schools forget that the kids are still quite small. While some of them could be coming from a childcare setup, for many children, this is their first experience of sitting in a classroom. It a big change from their usual routine since they cannot watch television whenever they want or sleep as per their wish among other things.

Get your child enrolled in a good pre-nursery school in Singapore for quality education.

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The Art Of Learning Routines For The Little Ones

It is not an easy feat to get a child follow a routine, it takes time and considerable patience especially for parents. The initial years can be quite troublesome to get the little one ready to follow some basic jobs around the house. The next step is to prepare the little one for time away from his comfort zone – the home. Learning the art of routines is taught at the best kindergarten in Singapore where children learn that lessons change every hour or half hour. Most often, at home there is no fixed timetable. At the kindergarten, subjects like math go for about 45 minutes and then the next subject. After a while, children learn that there is a difference and look forward to their favorite topic or game.

Visual cues get kids quite interested in the subject. Using a prop from the school definitely is a winner as is technology, which wonders on kids. Given the fact that smartphones are the most used gadgets along with laptops, kids learn how to communicate, engage in conversation and even research using these tools. As parental controls are activated, there is no chance for the child to visit any inappropriate site. The life of the 21st century child is not like that of children in the past. When kids want to know something today, they want the answers immediately (ditto with adults). That is where the internet has proven to be a bane and a boon. Nevertheless, using this as a tool for a child to get ready to tackle regular school, this basic is formulated into the session, whenever the need arises.

At the best kindergarten in Singapore, children learn to express themselves with their hands and minds for the greater good. A child who has a good voice is encouraged to sing, another who has a flair for the dramatics is encouraged to act out in a play. Children who may not have found their inner talents are not treated with disdain but are encouraged to get on with doing whatever they feel comfortable with doing. Reading and writing, recitation of poetry is also a part of the method of learning that makes kids come out of their shell. As they learn to speak out without yelling, they understand that need to tone down their voices in certain settings and speak louder in others. At the end of the day, without this basic education, kids suffer, especially today.

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Child care outside home

They say home is where the heart is. But children in the modern times have to adapt themselves to feel at home even outside their own houses. The typical scenario in today’s world is a family with a husband, wife and a child. Both the mother and the father are seen to be rushing to office in the morning, dropping their child off to a child care centre on the way. The child stays there the whole day and care givers take care of them. In the evening, while returning home, the parents take their child back home. Thus the child gets to be at home only for a few hours.

Home is very important for the growth of the child because it is at home that the child experiences family bonds and emotional growth happens for the child. Also, it is important that the children grow up in an environment that is conducive for their overall growth and progress. Thus, if the child is unable to spend time with his or her family, it is important that they get enough care outside their home.

It is at this time that child care centres come in to the picture. They are very important part of urban society. There are plenty child care centres in Singapore.

Care outside home:

There are two types of child care centres — the family based care centre and the centre based child care centre. In the first one, an individual takes care of a few children in their house. In this setup the child gets the feeling of a family. However, in the second setup, professional care givers care for the children and the child has a more holistic growth. The child also learns the virtue of sharing.

One finds plenty of child care centres in Singapore that are centre based. They have both a day program as well as half-day program suiting to the need of the parents. These centres take care of the child even when they are sick. In these centres, the child learns the virtue of discipline which shapes the child’s future. Parents also must see the centre has a good staff turnaround to ensure that their child gets prolonged care. Last but not least, one must send their child to a clean and hygienic child care centre.

If the child care centre maintains these qualities, then it is sure to take care of your child, just like home.