Is your Little One starting School? How to say Goodbye without the Tears

Starting preschool is often met with a combination of excitement, joy, and sadness. More often than not, the first few days are the toughest because your child is uncertain about the new changes and can become anxious. Your kid would have spent all his or her time so far getting used to the routines and rules of your home and family, so starting something new like preschool can be rather unsettling for your little one. You can expect a lot of heel digging and crying. What you need to do is ease your child’s separation anxiety and help them settle into his or her Singapore preschool. Here’s what you should do.

Remain consistent

When you’re trying to make preschool an important part of your little one’s routine, you will have to remain consistent. It is very unwise for you to remove your child from the classroom just because he or she is upset. Start by regularly going to the preschool in Singapore together and this will help build a great sense of anticipation in your child. Don’t ever make the mistake of sneaking away. This will only make your little one more anxious and afraid. Make sure your goodbyes are short but sweet, and when you pick him or her up after class, make them feel warm and welcome. This makes dropping them off much easier without the tears and tantrums.

Involve the teacher

Singapore preschool teachers are warm, caring people who have plenty of experience with children’s separation anxieties. It’s a good idea to brief the teacher with some information about your child which will help them get along better. Make sure to keep them informed about your little one’s playing, sleeping, eating, and toileting routines. This will greatly help them calm your child down once you’re out of the picture.

Avoid surprise visits

As much as you’d love to, you must resist the urge to go back to the school and check up on your child. Understand that your little one is in good hands and don’t let yourself worry too much. Have confidence in your choice of Singapore preschools and their teachers.

Starting preschool can be a difficult time for your child and you, but there are ways to make the separation much easier. Over time, your child will look forward to going to class and you will no longer have to worry about him or her getting upset anymore.