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Music: medicine for the mind

The human mind:

The human mind is a mine of mysteries. It is very difficult to deduce how the human mind works. For years psychologists have racked their brains to find out the different mysteries that they have discovered. If the human mind is so complex, one thing is for sure that the mental problems that we face are also difficult to unravel and hence mental illness is far more difficult to heal than physical disorder. With each passing day there are more and more people who are suffering from mental illnesses.

The pace of life is increasing and with that is the increasing stress of life. Stress is now a pressing problem of human life. Especially the urban youth of any country are victims of stress. This is also taking a toll on the body of the human being. Headaches, erratic mood swings, rashes, indigestion are some the external signs of stress. Also with technology governing our lives we are becomes more and more estranged from our fellow human beings. Loneliness is another pressing issue of modern day life.

A more acute form of stress and loneliness is depression. People are living highly stressful and lonely lives. This is taking a toll on their minds. They are suffering from depression which often turning out to be fatal for them. The rate of suicide has increased drastically over the past few years. Doctors are trying out different methods by which the human mind can be given some peace.


Research has proven that even new born babies have sound sleep when they listen to lullabies. The music of lullabies have a soothing effect on their minds. At the end of the day music is sound and sound is made up of vibrations. In 2009, a research carried out in the University of Toronto proved that sound vibration can be a medicine for Parkinson’s disease.

Singapore is a fast growing nation. The general population of Singapore is constantly under stress as it is a much commercialised nation and hence there is a lot of work pressure. Music is a much needed medicine for the trodden minds of Singapore citizens. Guitar lesson singapore or any other fast growing commercial hub would be a good way of soothing the stressed out mind. Not just guitar but any other form of music, be it any other musical instrument or singing can be a source of much relief.

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Behavioural impact of playgroup on your child

Playgroup is the first impersonal playgroup in singapore is that the child is exposed to after home. A playgroup is a transition or middle ground between the home and kindergarten. Here the child receives the warmth of home care and at the same time is also exposed to his or her peers and is a part of a social group that is not his or her family.

However every caregiver in a playgroup, no matter which one you apply now or RSVP now for your child faces these common behavioural problems of the children:

Irregular food habits: early childhood is the growing years of a child. They need maximum nutrition during this stage. But it is during this stage that children tend to have maximum erratic eating behaviour. From being always hungry to not wanting to eat at all, caregivers have to deal with all these eating habit disorders.

Defiance: playgroup is the first group outside their home. Hence children tend to test their grounds. They will try to see their limits by not following rules. It is indeed a cause of great frustration when the child says a No.

Whining and tantrums: after defiance comes tantrums. In order to get their way children tend to whine and throw tantrums. It is also a fact that they often to do this just to seek attentions. They also see how far things would be made flexible for them.

Lying: children during early childhood tend to be very imaginative. At the same time they also want attention. Imagination and desire for attention, when these two get clubbed, children tend to indulge in lying. They also lie to avoid punishment.

Addiction to TV: this is a relatively new problem. Nowadays children spend too much time watching TV or playing with gadgets. This again is a pressing problem.

Impact of playgroup:

Caregivers tend to take a lot of care to ameliorate all these behavioural issues of the child. There are some very positive impacts that a playgroup has on your child. Firstly, it makes a child more sociable as the child gets to play with his or her peers. Secondly, the child learns to express and deal with their problems independently in the absence of parents. Thirdly, the child becomes more adaptive to changes and learns to adjust to situations. And finally, the child becomes far more confident of him or herself.

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Importance of education in child development

A child is like an unstructured clay. She or he will be moulded the way you would give shape to her or him. Therefore it is completely in the hands of the care givers (parents, family and school) that will determine a childs overall growth and development. The school will play a pivotal role in deciding the career that your child will opt for. Hence which school you apply now or RSVP now for your child is very important.

Why is education important?

Education is not just important for an individual, but for the collective growth of a nation. Listed are few reasons why education is so important:

1. Becoming a global citizen: education ensures that you are at par with the world standards, making you a global citizen.

2. Education benefits the human race in general: education produces various professions like writers, scientists, doctors, lawyers and others. Hence education benefits the human race in general by enabling them to earn their livelihood.

3. Interest in your nation in kindled: apart from the world, you get to know about your own country and culture.

4. Education is the backbone of a developing nation: developing countries are heavily dependent on education. Governments in these countries build schools and encourage underprivileged children to attend these preschool in singapore and receive education . In developing countries educational play a vital role in broadening the horizon of their citizens.

5. Education creates a robust value system: education is far beyond just acquiring bookish and academic knowledge. It is about having a wholesome growth where even your moral and spiritual side is developed.

6. Education kindles your curiosity level: education is all about assimilation and exploration. It kindles your curiosity level to the peak, thereby widening your knowledge base.

7. Education increases your intellectual acumen: by knowledge more, you intellectual acumen gets sharpened and your IQ also increases.

8. Helps you to earn a livelihood: it also provides you with some practical benefits like earning your livelihood. It influences our career choice and helps us to earn our own livelihood.

9. Helps you to build a better character: education enlightens us and helps us to become a better person. It is the value system in us that determine our characteristic traits.

10. Education makes you a good citizen: education instils discipline in you that in turn makes you have a better decency and civic sense. Hence education helps you to become a better citizen.