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Pre Nursery School Teachers Should Not Make These Mistakes

Despite their experiences, some pre-nursery school teachers could make these common mistakes that should be avoided at all costs since they do more harm to the kids.

Mistake 1: Taking the kids on a tour of the entire school

There are some pre-nursery school teachers who believe that they should take the kids around on a school tour on their first day itself since they feel it is a good tradition. These teachers also feel that the kids are going to love the experience. They are of the view that kids should be aware of where all things are and get familiar with the school staff. But, if you think carefully, pre-nursery school kids need not tour the entire school on the first day itself.

While the older children in a school need to get familiar with the entire school since they need to go to the playground, cafeteria or library all by themselves, pre-nursery kids will be accompanied by adult staff wherever they go. So, they can explore these places later on when they have to visit it for the first time. There is no point teaching the kids all the important touch points in the school when they do not even know how to keep quiet or stand in a queue.

Mistake 2: Teaching pre-nursery kids an important theme on the first week

The kids should not be taught any serious topics on their first week in a pre-nursery school. It is rather more important to get them familiar with the procedures. Instead of making some prints, for instance, it is more important that learn how to use colors and then the procedure for cleaning it. They need to know how to hold their scissors, technique for using glue, how to form a queue how to sit quietly in a classroom and interact with other kids in the class, So, when some teachers make the mistake of teaching lessons to kids rather than training them on procedures, they might regret it later.

Mistake 3: Overlook the fact that this is the first learning experience for kids

Some teachers in pre-nursery schools forget that the kids are still quite small. While some of them could be coming from a childcare setup, for many children, this is their first experience of sitting in a classroom. It a big change from their usual routine since they cannot watch television whenever they want or sleep as per their wish among other things.

Get your child enrolled in a good pre-nursery school in Singapore for quality education.

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Child care outside home

They say home is where the heart is. But children in the modern times have to adapt themselves to feel at home even outside their own houses. The typical scenario in today’s world is a family with a husband, wife and a child. Both the mother and the father are seen to be rushing to office in the morning, dropping their child off to a child care centre on the way. The child stays there the whole day and care givers take care of them. In the evening, while returning home, the parents take their child back home. Thus the child gets to be at home only for a few hours.

Home is very important for the growth of the child because it is at home that the child experiences family bonds and emotional growth happens for the child. Also, it is important that the children grow up in an environment that is conducive for their overall growth and progress. Thus, if the child is unable to spend time with his or her family, it is important that they get enough care outside their home.

It is at this time that child care centres come in to the picture. They are very important part of urban society. There are plenty child care centres in Singapore.

Care outside home:

There are two types of child care centres — the family based care centre and the centre based child care centre. In the first one, an individual takes care of a few children in their house. In this setup the child gets the feeling of a family. However, in the second setup, professional care givers care for the children and the child has a more holistic growth. The child also learns the virtue of sharing.

One finds plenty of child care centres in Singapore that are centre based. They have both a day program as well as half-day program suiting to the need of the parents. These centres take care of the child even when they are sick. In these centres, the child learns the virtue of discipline which shapes the child’s future. Parents also must see the centre has a good staff turnaround to ensure that their child gets prolonged care. Last but not least, one must send their child to a clean and hygienic child care centre.

If the child care centre maintains these qualities, then it is sure to take care of your child, just like home.

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New Concepts To Learning

It is necessary to get our children the quality education that they need. Over time, the concepts of education have changed, which has been beneficial. It is a no brainer that parents always know what is best for their child. The kindergartens in Singapore take things up a notch in providing value education. Let us look at some of the concepts that were not prevailing earlier but have proven to help children of the present day be ready for the future.

The Basics

Children are taught to be accountable to authoritative figures aside from their parents. Making friends and expressing themselves in a classroom setting works wonderfully.


Learning the letters of the alphabet, along with pronouncing them is key to the formative education system. Word awareness and nursery rhymes make the little ones ready to read more than you ever imagined!


Children are taught how to write simple words. They are taught sentence construction by beginning a sentence with a capital letter and using lowercases for the rest. Numerals are taught at the time, thereby  developing motor skills of the child.


Learning how to count and recognise numbers with the medium of visual props piques the interest of a child. Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught at Our Juniors, paving the way for regular school.


Practically every child today knows how to use a smart phone. Using this medium, by imparting wisdom in the form of gaming and other features, gears the attention span of a child.


Topics pertaining to parts of the body and the senses, personal and dental hygiene, weather conditions, nutrition plants and animal life are covered. In teaching a group of children, through experimentation and observation without extensive lab work gears children and helps them learn better.

A variety of kindergartens in Singapore encourage bilingual learning that enables children. Children automatically respond to new sounds and nothing can get them more curious than something that is different to what they are used to. Aside from these necessities, children are taught social niceties and the art of responding to a firm tone.

Saying please and thank you is a part of the system. After the kindergarten year, the child will know how to spell, write, read, and calculate. S/he will know the different months of the year, days of the week and count numbers from one to hundred. The new concepts may seem a wee bit too much to parents, but it is a necessity today.

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Signs of a good nursery school

As a parent, you may be in a quandary as to how to choose a pre nursery in Singapore. Only if you know the signs of a good nursery school, will it be easy for you to make an informed choice. Let us have a look.

People should have a good opinion about the school

The ambiance in a good nursery school should be friendly and welcoming. Do not hesitate to ask the school to provide you with the details of their current students and their parents so you can contact them and inquire if the school enjoys a good reputation. Talk to them with an open mind because there may be parents who may have formed a negative opinion and there may be others who talk positively about the school. It is for you to use your good judgment to determine if the school really enjoys a good reputation among parents. The number of people who praise the school should be more than the few who talk ill about it.

Established and workable rules

Though the pre nursery you are trying to choose may have put in place certain rules, these rules should not be cut and dried. For example, the pre nursery you choose should allow you to pick up and drop your child at flexible hours. Of course, you should use this concession only during emergencies.

Similarly, the school should implement its sick-child policy strictly. They should not allow children with certain illnesses to attend classes until the kids recover completely. A good nursery school will insist that their employees as well as students have regular immunizations and periodical health checkups.

A curriculum that is stimulating

A good nursery school should stimulate your child so well that the child should be eager to go to the school. There should be plenty of sports and playful activities that may stimulate the growth of children. Similarly, children should be allowed to relax. Other activities like story telling, group activities, socializing, etc., should also form a part of the curriculum. A good pre nursery in Singapore should adjust the teaching strategies according to the learning abilities of children.

If the school is supplying lunch to the children, check if the food contains the required nutrients.

Qualified and caring staff

Check if the nursery school you are considering has qualified and caring staff. Nursery school teachers should know about childhood development and should have been trained to handle emergency situations.

Clean and safe facilities

A good nursery school should have a clean and safe ambiance. Play equipment, toys, etc., should be regularly checked and maintained properly so they can be used safely.

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Amazing Matters To Get With Outstanding Daycares

Many studies show that daycare is tremendously beneficial to both young ones and their parents. It is just completely amazing to see your little one learning things, and at the same time, socializing with other kids. Education is needed by everyone and with the help of daycare, preparation minded over your child is certainly perceived.

Quality service is completely provided by a worthwhile daycare center. If you are only keen with your selection then problems will never occur. For this specific task, what you must fully mind is to be entirely specific with your choice. There might be many child care centres in Singapore around but picking the best can surely be easier with the following tips.

One thing children and parents see inside these centers is when interaction is massively done. Playtime is not just all about games and toys inside since learning are viewed as well. With how everything in these centers are linked with appropriateness for the future, beholding wise words and actions can massively keep everyone intact and a friendly environment is completely seen.

Parents might find it really troubling to see children with their nanny at home. While moms and dads are at work, responsibilities are commonly taken by nannies. But this part is a problem for some as financial matters are added. But with how daycare centers are offering nanny like services to these little ones, money will never be a problem for you. is a crucial matter to take and it is tremendously important to see your child growing every day. When talking about this part, it actually does not mean that he needs to grow taller than ever, but his abilities should clearly be minded in here. Growth and development can greatly be noticed when learning is seen.

To effectively find a reputable center, questions must completely be created. You need to keep a list containing all these queries so to elevate your vision on a worthwhile option. Creating this part is a huge matter to take so to effectively find the best area you and your child will certainly be confident and satisfied about.

As for your queries, situate your eyes over hours of services, fees you need to pay, and training and qualifications of these child care providers. You must also view how discipline, transportation, and communication are given. Accreditation of the facility must highly be minded as well.

To effectively know the entire reality of these areas, checking them all out by yourself can be a great way to fully answer your questions. Tons of things can greatly be grasped through this part as what you have seen straight from your eyes is largely different from photos. Just be fully clear and sure since doing this part is a massive thing to highly get astounding and satisfying answers you totally need.

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Achieving Responsible Child Care Through Education

Becoming a parent is something that one would have go through sooner or later. And it is going to be challenging and tough. There is a need to put the needs of the child first and foremost. It is always necessary to look out for things that can benefit them above all else. Making decisions and drastic changes can always be observed right after having a new addition to the family.

Among the many needs of kids that must be provided is proper education and the right amount of love. More than anything, showing that parents care and doing it properly for their kid could mean a lot. It goes a long way and it also becomes something that most kids use to fall back on emotionally and mentally. Every parent is encouraged to learn the best methods such as what they were doing for child care Singapore .

Caring for children involves a lot of facets including providing early education and good lessons while they are younger. Preschool can be a place where child care is highly promoted and appreciated. There are a lot of parents out there who cannot carry out their responsibilities all on their own. But it is never a sin to ask for help from professionals especially when it benefits the children as well.

Choosing the institution where they offer both care and education is a necessary thing. This is where you kid will learn and be exposed in most of the time. And you have to guarantee that they can offer the best services as well as take care of your children in the way you expected them to.

There are actually quite a few institutions out there that can provide the needed services. And some of them are as reputable and as good as others. But it does not mean that they are leveled in all things. As parents, there will always be preferences on certain things. And this includes the type of establishment you might want to send your kid into.

The institution must foster and promote good behavior. Kids can easily pickup on the things that they see and hear. And when immersed in an environment that is good, it would also manifest in their behavior. Parents are not necessarily the only source of their actions and personality, the surrounding individuals can affect this as well, so the school must be chosen with care.

Playtime is a very necessary time. This can be a time for the enjoyment of kids. But given the right opportunity and the proper methods, it could also be a time for learning and discoveries. Because of this, it must also be encouraged in most areas.

The active participation of most parents is highly appreciated. Although not all activities require the presence of parents, it is always good to have them around to see the progress of their children so they would also know what to work on. Aside from that, they are also required to provide the necessary information to see how developed their child is.